all the things
i wanted to say
as the dust settled


i watched you
uncurling your frame
into the drivers seat

21 inches of you
from your mother’s womb


and years ago

and now your time
to fly, dream,

across oceans

and away

as you left
you said
I want to make you proud”

leaving dust
in the air
how do I say
the words
that tore
through me

i wept
as the dust settled


i am proud

of the love
in your heart

i am proud

of the beauty
you see in our world

i am proud

of the kindness
you share

time will try
to tear these things
from you

love, beauty, kindness

they are all
you will ever need
in the dust
my tears stung

how could i ever
be prouder
than i am
of you



Author: Dave Weir     Photo: Unknown


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